15 Ways to See Real Results, As Told by Buzzfeed

15 Ways to See Real Results, As Told by Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is probably my favorite resource for a good laugh or witty read, but they hit the nail on the head in this article about seeing real results from working out.

1. Stop trying to make gains in tons of different areas at the same time.

Results require patience. You can’t try to tone your arms and develop a 6-pack overnight. Try focusing on one area of the body before moving onto the next. “You can always change the emphasis, but make those focus areas a priority until you see the progress that you want. You can find examples of possible workouts and exercises to build into your weekly routine here.”

When you’re just aiming for one overall goal, such as weight loss, try adding high intensity interval workouts into your routine. Learn about the benefits of HIIT here.

2. Don’t skip workouts when you get super busy.

“When you’re in a great workout routine, it can feel like you have to always be going hard or not at all. So when you get busy and can’t stick to that routine, it’s tempting to just say fuck it, take the week off, and try again later.”

Understandable. But, don’t slow down your progress by calling quits for a day. Try to at least get a 30 minute cardio session in on the treadmill or bike. It’s better than nothing. Still unmotivated? Click here to find ways for sneaking in exercise when you’re busy.

3. Concentrate on increasing your range of motion rather than going up in weight.

I see so many people judging their progress by how much weight they can lift. Focus on improving your form before going up in weight. Increasing weight too fast almost always results in poor form and injury. “Maintaining form is more important than increasing the amount of weight and reps that you can do.”

Continue reading at Buzzfeed

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