Fitness-y Things to do in the Fall

Fitness-y Things to do in the Fall

5k with my mom
5k with my mom

I will put up a fight with anybody who tells me fall is not the best time of year. I will call out several reasons:

  • It’s not humid, nor over 100 degrees (don’t tell me you enjoy basking in your own sweat)
  • There are pumpkins: Pumpkin carving, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin seeds
  • Cool, crisp air is much more breathable to run in than humidity you can cut with a knife (you hate it too)
  • Bundling up attire is much more cuter than a tank top and shorts (completed with cheap flip flops and a bun on your head. That’s not stylish)

That’s all I’m saying. Anyways, I cannot STAND it when people use fall and winter weather as an excuse to blow off exercising. There are no excuses that justify being lazy when it gets cooler. If anything, you should be more active because there’s so much more to do outside this season. Here are fun ideas for staying active this fall!

  • Sign up for small races, such as 5k’s. If you want to start running, 5k’s are a perfect place to begin. Training schedules are manageable and attainable for people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. And, as I mentioned above, cool, crisp air makes  it easier to breathe than the humidity. Since breathing is a big set back for beginning runners, the cooler weather is encouraging! Sites like or are a good place to start looking.
  • Go hiking! No one actually enjoys hiking in warm weather. Other than getting a decent tan, you’re a hot, sweaty mess and pretty much hating your life. Hiking in the fall is perfect because the leaves are changing colors, water is freezing over, and it’s easier to bundle up than feel like you want to melt in your own skin. There is always SOMEWHERE you can go hiking, even if you don’t live in the mountains.
  • Go to a corn maze. People underestimate the power of walking. Walking  is just as beneficial to your health as the next best thing. You’d be surprised with the distance you’re covering, not to mention the calories you’re burning, while you’re venturing through a corn maze.
  • Rake leaves… Then jump in them like a kid. Need I say more? Raking leaves allows you to engage almost all the muscles in your body. Clearly, you’re squatting up and down to rake in and gather the leaves, using your core and moving your arms… Enough said.

There’s no room for being lazy when the weather turns. Get up and do something fun! We can all agree cuddling up on the couch to a movie is wonderful, but who doesn’t enjoy exploring and experiencing new things?! You won’t be disappointed with your new endeavors. Have fun!